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Earlier this year I was commissioned to paint some miniatures for a dolls house! I did three which were very enthusiastically received, and I may be looking into doing some more in future. I've bought some ultra fine brushes so I can paint more detail.


I'm once more a member of this wonderful, volunteer-run charity arts centre and gallery in Rothbury, Northumberland, with several of my original framed paintings, mounted prints and greetings cards already in place there in readiness for their opening for the new season on Saturday 16th March 2019.

Why not make a day out of it, visiting the gallery and stopping off for coffee or lunch in one of the many lovely eating establishments in this beautiful market town.



I'm absolutely delighted to tell you that I have been offered Exhibition Space at Newbiggin Maritime Centre, within their hugely popular Breakwater Cafe, which is a large, bright, airy space with huge windows overlooking the beach and bay. Incredible light space within which to display artwork.  This is wonderful news for me, as there is a long waiting list of artists wanting to exhibit there and they are full right up to January 2020.  This is when my exhibition will take place, January 2020 for a whole month. This gives me over eleven months to paint away merrily to produce new work for this exhibition - all along the Northumbrian theme (and I will be going back to doing some larger pieces of seascapes in my beloved Unison Soft Pastels especially for this exhibition).

Newbiggin Maritime Centre is part of Newbiggin Heritage Partnership, a Registered Charity, and can be found at Church Point, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, NE64 6DB.  It is a large space that houses a Maritime Museum, Exhibition/Meeting Room, Gift Shop, and the Breakwater Cafe and exhibition space. There is a large, free car park adjacent to the Centre.


In due course my exhibition will be advertised on their website and on posters displayed in the Centre.

I'll keep you all updated as time goes by...........!!!


Sadly I wasn't selected by the committee, for the second time....  I must move on from this disappointment and remind myself that I was successful for five years running in the past.  Tastes in art have changed and I think my traditional style is no longer in vogue.

The decision to apply wasn't taken lightly, as I have had many health issues over the last 18 months, and I decided not to apply for last year's festival because of that. However, my health and mobility is improving, although it fluctuates, so I really wanted to apply for the 2019 Arts Festival, even if it proved to be my last opportunity - but unfortunately I haven't been given that choice now.

Onwards and upwards, now looking for new opportunities..

New Workshops! 

Large Group Workshops no longer being held..........

But one-to-one/small group sessions in your own home may be arranged by request. See my Workshops page for full details....

NEW BOOK - Slow Progress!
It is now over 2 years ago that I started writing and illustrating a new book entitled "My Edible Journey", which is primarily a recipe book for healthy and anti-inflammatory meals, which I am illustrating with photographs of finished dishes as I make them, and also with drawings and paintings of mine that help bring it to life. Work had to stop for some time, as for some time I have had major issues with my hands and wrists due to my autoimmune inflammatory condition, but I am now getting much better and starting once again to get excited about continuing with this! I am also setting up a new website, separate to this one, that is dedicated to these recipes, which are slowly being added when time and energy permits! www.kathwoollen.wixsites.com/my-edible-journey
In the meantime, please visit my Facebook page for regular updates, recipes etc. www.facebook.com/KathsEdibleJourney 

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