An Artist's Perspective: Thought of the Season

AUTUMN  2019

AN ARTIST’S PERSPECTIVE: Thought of the Season


Autumn 2019 (my favourite Season) 


From the Met Office:


“1st September - Meteorological Autumn

By the meteorological calendar, the first day of autumn is the 1st September. The seasons are defined as spring (March, April, May), summer (June, July, August), autumn (September, October, November) and winter (December, January, February).”


I tend to agree! Although it isn’t the Autumnal Equinox until around 21st-23rd September in any one year, I’ve always regarded the first day of September as being the start of Autumn, particularly in Northumberland where I live. By late August we already see signs of the waning of summer in our landscape - the farmers are bringing in their harvest, fields are full of golden hay bales, and on many trees the leaves are already starting to wither and die, changing colour from their various greens to shades of brown, yellow ochre, gold, russet and red. Autumn berries are starting to appear in the hedgerows ... and along the roadside the bright pink of Rose Bay Willow Herb fronds start to fade to a duskier hue.


Already the early mornings are cooler and fresher, despite the still mild days, condensation forming on surfaces like car windows, and the grass wet with dew, the damp mistiness forming bright jewelled patterns on spiders’ webs adorning the bushes, reflecting the rising sun like diamond necklaces. And when risen, the sun lies lower in the sky, altering the quality of light to a softer hue.


And in the evenings the sun is beginning to set earlier every day, the dusk becoming cool and misty, and huge orange harvest moons rising against the darkening skies. A time for cosying up before our fires, lighting fragrant candles in our homes, and reflecting on the past three quarters of the year, already gone.


At home there is a calmer air as the frenetic summer months and school holidays draw to a close, and schoolchildren prepare to return to their lessons for the start of a new school year - older students getting ever closer to beginning their new, more adult lives at University, with more independence and responsibility. Parents and grandparents also prepare for adjustments in their usual routines as time and life move forward, often more quickly than they’d like!


There is nothing more certain than change......


From an artistic perspective, the Autumn brings beautiful, rich colours and a golden glow, the sun lower in the sky and less glaring, creating deeper shadows of purple-grey and filling the soul with glorious melancholy .... not in a sad way exactly, but more the turning inward with less distraction, becoming more introverted and reflective, and the desire to shut oneself away for periods of time with books, paints and other creative tools, with a great big collective sigh!


Everything slowing down........even nature itself, and wildlife preparing for hibernation. And I, for one, embrace it all with deep delight.

Autumn Gold.jpg

Copyright Kath Woollen Northumbrian Artist 2019

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