An Artist's Perspective: Thought of the Season

WINTER 2019/2020

AN ARTIST’S PERSPECTIVE: Thought of the Season


Winter 2019/2020

Well here we are, on the brink of the Winter Solstice and the shortest day, and only a few days before Christmas. Then a week later we will be starting a new year and a new decade. 2020 - how amazing is that, and how very unreal it sounds, almost science fiction! I still think of the 1990s as ‘recent’ despite 1990 being, gulp, 30 years ago!


Being an artist in winter isn’t as ‘colourless’ as some might think. Granted, we don’t have the vibrant reds and golds of Autumn, but snow and frost isn’t just white. A myriad of rainbow colours can be seen with sun or moonlight glistening on the hard, frosty ground, and on fallen leaves and gate posts. Then there are the bright, sunny days with ice blue skies that we often see in winter, with the skeleton-like silhouettes of bare trees, and bright, glossy green holly bushes with blood red berries. The dramatic weather too can bring great inspiration for painting, with raging, tumultuous seas and stormy skies, and that strange, eerie yellow/grey light we get just before a snow storm.


In the countryside we can see a frosty haze enveloping woodland, with wildlife foraging for food - those that haven’t hibernated that is. Cheerful robin redbreasts singing in the trees and bushes, and garden visitors on our bird feeders, always bring a smile. The smell of woodsmoke and people coming home in the snow from work or school, ready to warm their toes in front of the fire and enjoy the glow from the Christmas tree in the corner.


Personally, I love winter scenery, and particularly snowscapes - picking out the not always obvious, subtle colours to be found in the purple/blue shadows, and reflections of red, orange and yellow light on snow from sunrises and sunsets, moonlight and starlight. Magical!


Here’s to you and yours, may your Christmas be full of love and warmth, and may the New Year 2020 bring you good health and happiness.

Copyright Kath Woollen Northumbrian Artist 2020

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